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Anxiety – How Can I Stop It?

What is Anxiety what Helps Stop it? I get it – anxiety is a beast. It can lay dormant for a while.  You can even start to feel better and then it happens….  It appears again…  With anxiety there is no warning.  It can stop you doing even the simplest things and people don’t understand […]

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Top 7 Ways to Reduce Stress

I talk a lot about Stress and Anxiety in my blogs and in my work.  Lets face it, we all know about it, we could all do with less of it.  A question I’m often asked is “how can we reduce stress and anxiety in our everyday lives?” It’s the main area of my business! […]

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Are you overthinking

How to Stop Overthinking

Are you prone to overthinking?  A lot of people I see can have this issue. Some are overthinking all the time, others find it just happens now and then, or during certain situations or circumstances or other people and ourselves. Overthinking is an anxiety related issue and when it happens it seems to take over […]

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25 Top Tips to Feel Grounded

  Knowing ways to feel grounded is an essential skill that we all need to have at some point or other in our lives.  Some of us need it more than others, some of us struggle with it more than others.  In this fast paced world we are often a bit all-over-the-place.  Maybe feeling easily distracted, […]

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Coping with the Swan Effect

Do you do the Swan Effect?  Do you spend time trying to look calm and glide gracefully whilst feeling like you are paddling madly underneath?  Outwardly you are managing to look composed, keep up with that endless to-do list but inside you’re absolutely shattered, overwhelmed and feeling like you’re not coping. It’s common, appearing calm […]

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