Stress to Success Coaching Package

Coaching gives you a confidential and non-judgmental space for problem solving support and offloading to help you reach your goals and desires.  This will benefit you and your career, business or family.

This package provides a personalized plan using coaching or therapeutic methods to best meet your needs.

Do you want to

  • feel like you’re in control in your job, work or home?
  • be less stressed and anxious about everyday things?
  • be able to delegate some of the problems in life?
  • feel more confident in your abilities?
  • be able to step back and see things rationally?
  • enjoy family and personal time and be able to switch off?
  • feel in control of your busy or stressful life?

If you’re ready to take ownership of your future and change your responses and thought patterns, the Stress to Success option is for you.  During the coaching you will get clarity and understanding about how you think, feel and respond, without complicated processes.  You’ll make changes to your mindset, boundaries and actions in a positive way which will have lasting effects.

You’ll get greater clarity, become more confident, more motivated, with clear decision making, delegation and boundaries.  This will give you a stronger focus on your goals and needs; meaning you can enjoy work, be more productive and still switch off!  You will be successful in work and feel successful in life.

Book your FREE coaching enquiry call here.  These are NOT for everyone, so this call ensures we are right for each other and that my coaching will meet your needs.

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You’ve had a big impact on how I view situations and the associated stress and anxiety.  I’ve continued to evolve long after sessions ended. 

You clearly made a significant change on my thought processes. Thank you very much for your help.        

Tony M, CEO

What’s Included in the Coaching Package:

  • An in-depth questionnaire to be completed before we start. This enables us both to get clarity on you, your struggles, goals and desires.
  • Unlimited email contact between sessions during my office hours.
  • Tools and resources to help support the work we do in the sessions.
  • Online video facilities or face to face sessions.

Option 1 – Deep Dive Package

  • 10 sessions lasting 60 -75 minutes each, weekly or fortnightly.

Option 2 – Intensive Package

  • 5 sessions lasting 60-75 minutes each, weekly or in one day.  
It’s been really valuable to be able to let go of emotional baggage AND have techniques to manage stress levels in the future.”  Steve D, Managing Director

My Stress to Success coaching is a tremendously transformational process which helps you to achieve your professional and personal goals.  Mindset is 80% of your success, so I might include therapeutic interventions, psychology and neuroscience, where appropriate for even greater results.

I now see that feeling stressed all the time isn’t normal.  Emma’s given me tools I need to deal effectively in a healthier way.  

I have more confidence and have given myself permission to achieve a work / life balance.  I can get back to being me!”  Catherine B, Chief Surveyor.

When you’re ready to go from stressed and overwhelmed to relaxed and successful simply book your initial coaching call here.  If it feels like we’re right for each other we book your sessions and get started!

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If you have any questions, please contact me on 07710 477813

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