I’m sure you have lots of questions and things you’d like to know before you go further.  Here is some information and I hope you find what you are looking for but do please get in touch with me for anything you need to know.

“You made me believe! Believe I could overcome my problem, recognise that it was a temporary blip and I could and would get over it. I am smiling and walking tall again!”  Cathy B
  1. Face to Face Hypnotherapy Sessions.  Sometimes you’ve tried everything or you know you want hypnotherapy.  If so, this is for you. Packages vary depending on your individual situation but are often over 4-6 weeks (sometimes less, sometimes more).  Your personalised package includes tools, tips, exercises and hypnosis audios which all support the work we do in the sessions to give you lasting results.
  2. Intensive Package.  These can be a half day or full day or coaching or therapeutic help (or mix of both).  Tailored to your needs and great for stress and anxiety or something that you’re just fed up of living with.  Also good when time is tight for you or if you have a deadline to reach.

Coaching Packages are available too.  These are great for executives, leaders and business owners.   The longer process of working together allows us to work more deeply to get results that change your responses, mindset and have a bigger more positive impact in your life.

“The sessions help you to give focus on yourself and the skills needed to feel calmer and more in control.  I feel calmer and have a better understanding of my issues.”  Louise D

What’s involved?

A typical course of coaching or therapy will begin with a FREE initial chat about you and the reason you are seeking help.  This is usually over the telephone but can occasionally be by email. We can agree a way forward and set the appointments.  Often I will send you a questionnaire to complete beforehand so that we can make the best use of our time together. A typical appointment is an hour long at my therapy room in York Natural Health or by Skype or telephone.

What Happens in the Hypnotherapy Package?

I will gently guide you to a relaxed state of mind, known as a trance or hypnosis. During that time that I will help you change the way your think and respond in those situations which are bothering you so you can reach your goals. You are completely in control the whole time and will only respond to suggestions if you want and choose to do so. You can end therapy whenever you want to but ideally we would come to that decision together through discussion.

How Many Sessions?

There are no set numbers of sessions as our work together is tailored to your individual requirements. Depending on the issue, some people need just a few sessions and others need a longer course of therapy or coaching.  I have a variety of packages available to suit different needs and requirements, so get in touch to discuss these in more detail.

All these leave you feeling confident, in control with a much brighter outlook on your work, social or home life.

How Much?

The work with you is defined by particular packages so that I can provide a planned package of work which is tailored to meet your individual needs. Packages listed above have different prices.  They range from £297 upwards.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Is it safe?

All my packages are totally safe and confidential. Coaching helps you to feel clear, focussed and in control.  So does hypnotherapy although many people also say they feel relaxed and calm after the sessions.

Will it work?

Coaching or Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand. It will take some effort or willpower from you too!! I have a range of tools and techniques and we can work together to help you reach your goals and dreams more quickly and easily. I am committed to assisting people to make positive changes in their lives by developing existing skills and resources to access their full potential. The most important aspect is that you feel we can work together. It is often helpful to have a chat and ask any questions before you decide if I’m the right person for you to work with.

Do You Work with Children and Teens?

Children and teens often relax into hypnosis more easily than adults because, as part of their natural development, they are imagining and pretending many times a day through play, stories, television and games. I will work with children and young adults of all ages from 5 years old. Sessions usually take place with the parent in the room. A wide range of childhood issues can be treated with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

How Do I Book a Session?

You can call me on 07710 477813 direct or email me using the contact page or fix a time by accessing my online diary here.

Can I Have a Freebie?

Are you still not sure?  Check out my Free audio (yes, it’s really me on there) to give you a taste of what to expect in a session.  Download now straight to your computer or audio device by completing the box on the right.

“I’ve used the audio and it’s really relaxing – I nearly fell asleep last time!!! The breathing and suggestions for ‘me’ time are great as they can fit into daily life. Sometimes the simple things can have a big impact!”  Jacky B