How to Increase Your Confidence (video)

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How to Increase Confidence

In this video I wanted to talk about confidence issues.  I’ve been seeing a lot of it this week – or rather, I’ve been seeing a lack of it!  If you struggle with confidence or you don’t always feel confident then this might be really helpful for you.

We all need a bit of confidence, and a lot would be really helpful.  We all need some confidence to be able to just get up and do the things we do in our day.  When we notice a lack of confidence it’s usually at times we need it the most.

Confidence – What is it?

Confidence is a belief in ourselves and a trust in ourselves.  It’s also a belief and trust in others.  Do we have confidence that we can expect from someone or something else – a service, a time, a place.  So it’s about trust and belief.

When we have that confidence in ourselves we have a trust and belief that we can do things, that things will be OK, that we will be received OK, that what we do is acceptable.  So it’s not just what we do, but how it will be received.

In the video I explain more about the reasons behind this.

I also talk about my daughter and her confidence building experience and how I guided her through that.  You might see where and how it relates to you.

What Can YOU Do to Increase Your Confidence?

As I explain in more detail in the video, there are several things you can do.  Here’s a 7 step summary:

  1. Understand where your doubts and concerns are coming from.  Recognise that within you there’ll be worries and concerns about will I be accepted and can I trust this will be OK.
  2. Getting started is the biggest thing.  Whether it’s going to a new class, new job, going out socialising.  Putting it off, isn’t going to make it easier.  Take the first step.
  3. Practice really helps you to get used to doing these things. The only caveat around this is if you’ve had some really terrible experience!  If so, you might need more help, but otherwise it really is about getting started and practicing.
  4. Watch your self talk.  Make sure you’re not putting yourself down.  Using phrases like “I’m no good at this”.  Keep things positive with phrases like “This is OK and I can do this”.
  5. Surround yourself with people who support you.  That might be coming into my Facebook group Women in Successful Blissness.  It might be talking to a business friend, colleague, or other support person or group.  Just make sure its people who lift you up!  No negatives or worriers needed!
  6. Set yourself goals.  Set goals about what you want to achieve, when you want to do them, be clear on your reasons, what you will get out of it.  Often looking at the end result can be an enthusiastic driver to help you move forward.
  7. Reflect.  Look back a what went well, what didn’t.  Make sure you reflect on how you felt, not just on how someone else responded.  How did you feel at the beginning and how different was that at the end?  That way you can find more positive self talk, more positive recognition.  The good feelings and memories help to drive us forward so that things seem easier and better.

If you want some further help and support on building your confidence, or improving other areas of your life, book a call with me to see how we can do that.



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