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How to Recognise Overwhelm

‘Feeling overwhelmed’ is a term that gets bandied around all over the place these days.  In this fast paced world there’s always some pressure from somewhere for us to do more, be more, make more deadlines.  There can be professional and personal pressure. But what does being overwhelmed mean, really? When I ask people to […]

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Stress to Success in 5 Simple Steps

Stress Awareness Day is 1st November 2017 Stress to Success in 5 Simple Steps Stress is a huge contributor to people needing time off work. Surveys suggest that over 10 million people in the UK are taking time off due to stress and stress related illness.  Mental health issues, including stress and anxiety are the […]

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Emma Langton Self Talk

Do You Listen to Yourself?

Do you listen to yourself?  Do you ever stop and listen to how you talk to yourself? Did you know that the way we talk to ourselves can have a massive impact on the way we think, feel and view ourselves?  All this affects our emotional health and general wellbeing.  So many times I hear people […]

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Coping with the Swan Effect

Do you do the Swan Effect?  Do you spend time trying to look calm and glide gracefully whilst feeling like you are paddling madly underneath?  Outwardly you are managing to look composed, keep up with that endless to-do list but inside you’re absolutely shattered, overwhelmed and feeling like you’re not coping. It’s common, appearing calm […]

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8 Quick Tips to Stop Stress

Researchers tell us that maybe as much as two-thirds of the population confesses to being stressed-out at least once a week. There is always someone or something in our lives that will bother, annoy or stress us. Some stress is good for us, yet too much is damaging to our health. In these ever changing, […]

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How To Help Your Anxious Child

How to Help Your Anxious Child

  No-one wants an anxious child!  Anxiety in children can come from a number of different sources although it can often be anticipation of events causes the issue. So what’s going on and how can you help your anxious child? For example, as my daughter heads back to school for a new school year with some new […]

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