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Seven Steps to Beat Overwhelm

  Last time we looked at spotting the signs you’re feeling overwhelmed. These are different for everyone, so give yourself a minute and go and have a read if you haven’t already. So now you know what your signs are, it’s time to deal with them! Feeling overwhelmed is a negative spiral. You start to […]

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How to Recognise Overwhelm

‘Feeling overwhelmed’ is a term that gets bandied around all over the place these days.  In this fast paced world there’s always some pressure from somewhere for us to do more, be more, make more deadlines.  There can be professional and personal pressure. But what does being overwhelmed mean, really? When I ask people to […]

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Happy Place

Why You Need A Happy Place

As featured in Top Sante Magazine  When things get too much in life, physically, mentally or emotionally it’s good to have somewhere to go to calm, recover, feel safe or to feel happy again. That’s why you need a Happy Place. So how do we make sure we can have that and be accessible all […]

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Shop Using Hypnosis

How to Shop Using Hypnosis

Everyone who comes to see me for 1:1 sessions get taught some tools and techniques to help them begin to feel they can take control of the anxiety and stress. This is always something you can take away with you from the first session and use anywhere, any time, easily and discreetly! (I promise, I […]

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