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Emma Langton

5 Ways to Switch Off Over Christmas

Not all of us get oodles of holiday time over Christmas. For some of us it’s just the Bank Holidays and work pretty much continues throughout.  So how do we find ways to switch off over Christmas when it seems such a busy time? Regardless of how many days off you have, the Christmas season […]

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How to change limiting beliefs

How to Change Limiting Beliefs

Inner beliefs are perceptions that we have of ourselves that have been programmed into our brains since we were children. A young person aged between 0-7 years old has a mind like a sponge. The mind’s whole purpose is to soak up the information from all around us. It’s how we are programmed, how our […]

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Anxiety – How Can I Stop It?

What is Anxiety what Helps Stop it? I get it – anxiety is a beast. It can lay dormant for a while.  You can even start to feel better and then it happens….  It appears again…  With anxiety there is no warning.  It can stop you doing even the simplest things and people don’t understand […]

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Are you overthinking

How to Stop Overthinking

Are you prone to overthinking?  A lot of people I see can have this issue. Some are overthinking all the time, others find it just happens now and then, or during certain situations or circumstances or other people and ourselves. Overthinking is an anxiety related issue and when it happens it seems to take over […]

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how to write a gratitude journal

How to Write a Gratitude Journal

Increasing an attitude of gratitude in your day can be incredibly helpful to your overall wellbeing.  Many people find that by regularly taking time to notice things that we are grateful for can change their whole attitude.  After keeping a gratitude journal or diary for a short time you might find that you are noticing things […]

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Happy Place

Why You Need A Happy Place

As featured in Top Sante Magazine  When things get too much in life, physically, mentally or emotionally it’s good to have somewhere to go to calm, recover, feel safe or to feel happy again. That’s why you need a Happy Place. So how do we make sure we can have that and be accessible all […]

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Shop Using Hypnosis

How to Shop Using Hypnosis

Everyone who comes to see me for 1:1 sessions get taught some tools and techniques to help them begin to feel they can take control of the anxiety and stress. This is always something you can take away with you from the first session and use anywhere, any time, easily and discreetly! (I promise, I […]

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