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Seven Steps to Beat Overwhelm

  Last time we looked at spotting the signs you’re feeling overwhelmed. These are different for everyone, so give yourself a minute and go and have a read if you haven’t already. So now you know what your signs are, it’s time to deal with them! Feeling overwhelmed is a negative spiral. You start to […]

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Stress to Success in 5 Simple Steps

Stress Awareness Day is 1st November 2017 Stress to Success in 5 Simple Steps Stress is a huge contributor to people needing time off work. Surveys suggest that over 10 million people in the UK are taking time off due to stress and stress related illness.  Mental health issues, including stress and anxiety are the […]

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How to change limiting beliefs

How to Change Limiting Beliefs

Inner beliefs are perceptions that we have of ourselves that have been programmed into our brains since we were children. A young person aged between 0-7 years old has a mind like a sponge. The mind’s whole purpose is to soak up the information from all around us. It’s how we are programmed, how our […]

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Emma Langton Self Talk

Do You Listen to Yourself?

Do you listen to yourself?  Do you ever stop and listen to how you talk to yourself? Did you know that the way we talk to ourselves can have a massive impact on the way we think, feel and view ourselves?  All this affects our emotional health and general wellbeing.  So many times I hear people […]

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What's Going On with Your Phobia?

What’s Going On with Your Phobia?

Do you have a phobia? Not sure? What’s going on with your phobia anyway?  The dictionary defines Phobia as “a compelling fear or dread, especially of a particular object or situation” Lets face it, we are not born with phobias or fears so why do they occur and what can we do about it? Phobias […]

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Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnotherapy is sometimes a greatly misunderstood practice – many people may think of the typical swinging pocket watch and the phrases ‘stare directly into my eyes… you feel sleepy…’ when they think about hypnosis and we have the mighty Walt Disney and other film and cartoon makers to thank for promoting that in our minds! […]

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